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How To Incorporate Cardio-Oncology As A Cardiology Fellowship Training Emphasis - Abstract

Updated: Mar 7, 2019

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The burgeoning field of cardio-oncology necessitates formalized subspecialty fellowship training that encompasses patient care, research, and education, and also develops leaders and promotes continued scholarship. Yet, most academic institutions in North America that host general and subspecialty cardiology fellowship programs do not yet also offer cardio-oncology subspecialty fellowship training options. 

To address this need, a cardio-oncology training emphasis was crafted and integrated into a general cardiology fellowship program. The international cardio-oncology society proposal for training was used as a guide to determine key elements for inclusion. 

The cardio-oncology training emphasis consisted of outpatient and inpatient patient care, research, scholarship, education, teaching, presentation, and leadership. A clear plan was made and followed to attain at least 100 unique patient encounters, at least one high-impact scientific journal publication, reading of a variety of landmark manuscripts, participation in hematology and oncology seminars and tumor boards, sharing cases and research findings at local cardiology grand rounds, and presenting a summary of training efforts at a national cardio-oncology meeting. In addition, this process led to shared leadership in inaugurating a training work group for the American College of Cardiology Cardio-Oncology section.

Cardio-oncology was incorporated as a cardiology fellowship subspecialty training emphasis, by delineating and instituting key elements proposed by the international cardio-oncology society. This model may provide a feasible and replicable option for training and education in programs that have not yet established a formal cardio-oncology fellowship.





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