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Preventive Cardio-Oncology Training Emphasis TOOLKIT: A Step-by-Step Guide

Updated: Mar 7, 2019

How to cite this toolkit: Brown, S. Preventive Cardio-Oncology Training Emphasis TOOLKIT: A Step-by-Step Guide .; Accessed [Month, Year]. This toolkit closely follows the Companion article tilted “How To Design A Preventive Cardio-Oncology Training Emphasis ” available here.


View Cardio-Oncology & Preventive Cardio-Oncology Training Emphasis Toolkit Series 

View Cardio-Oncology & Preventive Cardio-Oncology Training Emphasis Article Series Are you interested in training in the burgeoning field of Cardio-Oncology? Are you also interested in Preventive Cardiology? What about Cardiac Rehabilitation? Have you been wondering about building your career on preventing cardiotoxicity from cancer therapies? Does your institution not have formal training in Cardio-Oncology? What about Preventive Cardiology? How will you prepare to go out and practice Preventive Cardio-Oncology safely and successfully? Is there a way to design a Preventive Cardio-Oncology Training Emphasis in your General Cardiology fellowship program? This toolkit provides a model to help you achieve that goal. Follow this guide step-by-step and let me know whether you find it helpful (, @drbrowncares) MAJOR STEPS First, determine whether you will incorporate Cardio-Oncology into your training, then add in Prevention, or vice versa. That’s exactly what I did.   Second, imagine how you will chart your course in Preventive Cardiology and in Cardio-Oncology, to bring the two training emphases together as one: Preventive Cardio-Oncology.  Third, design a sample week that would allow you a breadth of relevant experiences to prepare you for independence in this emerging field.  Fourth, ensure that your sample week has a heavy emphasis on Cardiovascular Health (Preventive, Fitness, & Lipid) Clinic, Cardiac Rehabilitation, Cardiopulmonary Stress Testing, and Women’s Heart Clinic, along with Cardio-Oncology and Amyloid Clinics. Take your time to plan this well with mentors at your institution. Also feel free to reach out to me as you progress toward Preventive Cardio-Oncology (#PrevCardioOnc, @PrevCardioOnc). Get used to channeling much of your efforts towards primordial and primary prevention, and not only management or secondary or tertiary prevention, of cardiovascular toxicities from cancer therapies.  PATIENT CARE & TEAM LEADERSHIP Fifth, work towards achieving competency (based on excellent faculty feedback) while seeing a variety of patients, diagnoses, and management plans.  Sixth, as a team leader in training, help to coordinate our care and plan for the patients as a Cardiology Health team, by communicating via phone, email, and in-person with the patients, as well as your nurses, dietitians, exercise specialists, and other members of the team.  EDUCATION, RESEARCH, & SCHOLARSHIP Seventh, attend local monthly preventive conferences if available.  Eighth, weave preventive principles and topic areas - even briefly - such as potential implications of coronary and aortic calcification on coronary CT, into any local Cardiovascular Grand Rounds presentations you give, particularly presentations on Clinical Decision-Making, Research, or Imaging.  Ninth, pursue and present research findings on as many occasions as possible in poster or oral format at the Annual Scientific Sessions of the American College of Cardiology, American Heart Associations, and the American Society for Preventive Cardiology.  Tenth, of course, a great goal is to publish your research so others can benefit from it; pursue that as well.  CONTACT Feel free to contact Dr. Sherry-Ann Brown at anytime for discussions or presentations on the Preventive Cardio-Oncology Training Emphasis and using the toolkit.  SOCIAL MEDIA HASHTAGS & HANDLES Mention the Twitter account @PrevCardioOnc and the hasthtag #PrevCardioOnc in your tweets, so we can all cheer you on, for #TogetherWeCan in primordial, primary, secondary, and tertiary preventive cardiovascular management in Preventive Cardio-Oncology! #PrevCardioOnc #SurvivorAtDiagnosis (c/o @GiselleSA_MDPhD) #Day1Survivorship (c/o a survivor on Twitter) #TogetherWeCan (c/o Twitter!) @drbrowncares @PrevCardioOnc


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